Episode 4 – Financial tactics

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The Mensch and the Machine – Episode 4 outline: Financial tactics


  • I will teach you to be rich
  • Richest man in babylon
  • Rich dad, poor dad
  • Total money makeover

Where did you learn about finances

  • Parental influence
  • School?
  • Books/blogs/etc.

Getting your house in order

  • Where is your money going
  • Budgeting tools that work
  • Envelope system
  • Basic money script
    • If you get an extra $100 how do you allocate it


  • Good debt/bad debt
  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • Snowball method vs Higher APR target


  • Cash
  • Rate of return
  • Save for specific things


  • Retirement
    • Employer match
  • Assets

Next Week’s topic: Stoicism

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