Joel Cox

Episode 53 – Tales from Daily Living

The hosts Joel and Eugene discuss Joel’s experience with a random energy drink from a gas station, self-improvement books, home improvement projects and other things

Episode 50 – Smelling Salts,Career Quirks and Quandaries

Eugene and Joel talk about basement leaks, experiences with flooding, their eclipse experiences, bike rides, and Eugene’s use of ice baths

Episode 49 – Upcoming Projects and Interests

Joel and Eugene discussed their upcoming vacation plans, Eugene talks about memory techniques, the upcoming Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul boxing match, home improvement projects like fixing Eugene’s bike rack and automating Joel’s sauna

Episode 48 – Quarterly Catch-Up: Health, Wealth, Cars, Drones, and Motorcycles

Eugene and Joel discuss their plans and goals for the upcoming quarter. Topics include Joel getting his drone license, fixing issues with Eugene’s motorcycle, doing maintenance on Joel’s car, and the shows and movies they have been watching. Eugene and Joel debate upcoming movie adaptations and express concerns about relying too much on fan service.

Episode 47 – Bend Don’t Break

The hosts Joel and Eugene discuss what’s been going on lately in their lives. Eugene provides some perspective and talks about always having an “escape plan” for jobs. They mention some home projects including gardening, canning food, and fixing up Eugene’s motorcycle. The Joel and Eugene reflect on trying to stay stoic and calm when work gets stressful.

Episode 45 – Pumping Up Body and Brain

Joel and Eugene, the weather, fitness goals, ancestry, work schedules, and books they have read or plan to read, including works by Robert Greene, the Hunger Games, Kingkiller Chronicle, Wheel of Time, and Calling Bullshit.

Episode 44 – Looking Ahead to 2024

Joel and Eugene discussed goals for 2024. They discussed books they’ve been reading lately, including fantasy novels. The episode concluded with more discussion of goals for self-improvement and taking on responsibilities in the new year.