Episode 2 – Napolean Hill

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the guys talk about Napolean Hill and his 13 Principals

Show Notes:

Think and grow rich – the big picture, 13 principles to beat the devil

  1. Desire
    1. How bad do you want it?
    2. Ways to summon the willpower
  2. Faith
    1. Believe 100% that you can do it
    2. Removing negative influence
  3. Self Suggestion
    1. Clean up your self talk
    2. Listen to the little voice, shut up the big annoying voice
  4. Knowledge
    1. Specialized versus general
  5. Imagination
    1. Dream big, then make it real
  6. Planning
    1. To a ship without a destination any port is favorable
  7. Decision
    1. Pick a target and aim at it 100%
  8. Persistence
    1. Get gritty with it
  9. Mastermind
    1. Sum of 5 people you spend the most time with
    2. Find hobbies with a barrier to entry
  10. Transmutation
    1. Transform negative thoughts
  11. Subconscious mind
    1. What you think about when you’re not thinking
    2. Couch naps
  12. The brain
    1. Tune in to tokyo
    2. Like attracts like
  13. Sixth sense
    1. You already know what to do
    2. Little voice

Next Week’s Topic Naval Ravikant

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